ISO 22000 Certification : Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 Certification is the worldwide food safety management system standard for the entire food supply network, from cultivators and makers to processors and packaging, transport and purpose of sale. It stretches out to providers of nonfood items and administrations, such as cleaning and gear producers, and can be utilized by associations of any size. ISO-22000 Standard indicates the necessities for a food safety management system that includes intelligent correspondence, framework the executives, and essential projects. The standard spotlights on inventory network affirmation, has the board framework standards inserted, and is lined up with HACCP standards.

ISO 22000 Certification means adequate controls on presence of food based hazards in food at the time of its consumption. Food safety is not single stage controls but is combined efforts of all the party participating in the food chain, this includes Feed Producers, Primary Producers through manufacturer, Transporter, Store operator, wholesalers, retailers, Caterers, Food Service Outlets and Producers of Equipment , Packaging Materials, Cleaning Agents, Additives & preservatives & Ingredients and Service providers. ISO 22000 Certification and HACCP- Food Safety System Even this includes Pesticides, fertilizers and veterinary drugs. Successful Implementation of FSMS and HACCP – ISO 22000 Certification helps the organization to prevent problems like presence of Microbes, Toxins and Adulteration etc before its occurrence & Suggest Corrective action.

Key Elements of FSMS :

Interactive Communication: Effective communication is essentials to ensure that all possible hazards are duly identified & adequately controlled at each step within the food chain.

System Management: ISO 22000 Certification Compatible with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 and various other management system standards.

Prerequisites Programmes: (PRPs)

HACCP Certification in conjunction to ISO 22000 Certification Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points- HACCP is one of the very important concept in the food safety certification. There are few principles which are used in the right approach to the functions of HACCP- The analysis of the physical, biological and chemical contamination are one of the principle of the HACCP, The Identification of the Objectives to minimize the hazards is one of the other principles, the Regular Monitoring and analysis of the achievement of the objectives are one of the principles of HACCP.

The most major part of the Food safety Certification irrespective of the standard is HACCP- where the hazard analysis is done and critical points are controlled using PRPs and oPRPs.

Adaption of ISO 22000 Certification and Implementation should be a planned Decision of any Organization; Design & Implementation time required is basically depend on the following factor.

  • Organizational Environment
  • Chain involved
  • Products or Services in which organization dealt with
  • The Process adopted
  • Size & organizational Structure
  • Risk associated with the Products & Processes

Principals : ISO 22000 certification

  1. Hazard Analysis – Biological, chemical & physical.
  2. Identify CCP – Identify Critical Control Point of food Chain.
  3. Controls: Establishment of critical control points and preventive measures thereon.
  4. Monitoring of CCP.
  5. Ascertain CorrectiveActions.
  6. Records Keeping.
  7. Third Party Audit.

Benefit of ISO 22000 certification

Governments will also observe extraordinary advantages, for example, logical and mechanical learning, which help the improvement of wellbeing, security and ecological enactment. These advantages will likewise give an approach to instruct and direct food personnel.

Anybody associated with the food business ought to know about the advantages that ISO 22000 Certification has on the handling, stockpiling, assembling and appropriation of eatable items. It gives organizations prevalent food and security, keeps benefits from dropping and can be joined with other administration system guidelines, for example, ISO 9001:2000, for greatest impacts on quality.

Knowing whether ISO 22000 Certification is directly for you and your association is straightforward: It works for each organization, paying little heed to size or area. Laying out accepted procedures inside your organization will enable you to convey results, pass on certainty no matter how you look at it and intrigue partners and customers.

At the point when food-safety practices come up short, hazardous and regularly incredibly costly outcomes may result. Forestalling potential issues before they occur through the usage food safety standards can safeguard an association from, misfortune, lawyer expenses or notwithstanding shutting its entryways for good.

Each individual’s quality of life will benefit from the rules and regulations of ISO 22000 Certification by the provisions of the following:

  • ISO 22000 Certification helps Organization to provide safe food products to consumers.
  • ISO 22000 Certification is a Scientific Approach.
  • Make food safety responsibility of Food Chain parties.
  • Competitive edge.
  • ISO 22000 Certification Help. Business, Government & Society.
  • Higher-quality occupations in the food business.
  • Improved usage of assets globally.
  • Expanded organization benefits .
  • Potential expanded economic development.
  • Protection of more secure sustenance.
  • Decrease in rates of food-borne disease.
  • Increasingly productive documentation of strategies, techniques and methodology.

These standards allow the recognizable proof of duties, assignments and related timelines by making a reasonable task plan; remember that if something is working, it doesn’t bode well to transform it. Convey the advantages of ISO 22000 unmistakably with representatives and comprehend that they will have inquiries regarding the progressions made inside your association. Teach them on how ISO 22000 Certification was made to profit bosses, representatives and the overall population, and how it will positively affect the organization’s short-and long haul triumphs.

Who Can Use ISO 22000 certification :

ISO 22000 Certification Certification has been intended for usage by any organization regardless of size, part or geological area.

Why is ISO 22000 Certification important to your Company ?

ISO 22000 Certification  is recognized all through the worldwide food supply chain and certification is an approach to end up a provider of decision. ISO 22000 Certification Certification openly exhibits your pledge to food safety. It depends on best in class best practices and is intended to:

  • Identify, manage and mitigate food safety related risks and issue.
  • Make trust with stakeholders.
  • Make trust with stakeholders.
  • Increase your Brand value in market.

ISO 22000 Certification aligns with other  management system standards, making it simple to coordinate your food security the executives with quality, ecological or health and safety the board. Likewise, when joined with specialized particulars for area explicit essential projects like PAS 220/ISO 22002-1 and PAS 223, it gives a standard to FSSC 22000.

ISO 22000 Certification aligns with other ISO Certification management system standards, making it simple to incorporate your sustenance wellbeing the board with quality, ecological or heath and security the board.

Roadmap for FSMS- ISO 22000 Certification :

Roadmap and plan for ISO 22000 Certification basically depend on various factor, but mainly following are the main factors of the FSMS (ISO 22000:2005) Certification.

  1. Identify the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 Certification and HACCP Certification to your organization.
  2. Make Decision for ISO 22000 Certification and Implementation.
  3. Get skilled team or hire services of consultant.
  4. Identify GAP Analysis to analyse the present status for ISO 22000 Certification.
  5. Make Implementation Plan for ISO 22000 Certification– Food Safety Certification. (FSMS).
  6. Design, implement, aware about the Policy, Manual & SOP as per the ISO 22000 Certification– Food Safety Management system (FSMS).
  7. Establish & evaluate the system and procedure.
  8. Identify the boundaries of the management system and produce documented procedures as required.
  9. Identify the boundaries of the management system and produce documented procedures as required.
  10. Once developed, internal audits & Third party audit are needed to ensure the system keeps working.