ISO Lead Auditor Training Course

Why should you attend?

ISO 37001 Lead auditor training course shall help you to develop the expertise to perform the internal and third party audits in compliance to ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021-1 and Anti bribery management system- ISO 37001. You will be able to apply all the necessary skills of audit principles, procedures and techniques.

After the various practical exercises, you will be able to understand the auditing techniques and will then become competent to plan for the audit and will learn how to manage the audit program and audit team.

Once you acquire the necessary expertise to perform the audit and after understanding the auditing techniques and ISO 37001 concepts, you will go through the exam and post clearance of the exam, you will be certified as ISO 37001 Lead auditor which will demonstrate the competency of performing the ISO 37001 audit in the organizations based on the best practices.

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone wishing to make a carrier in the ISO 37001- Anti-bribery management System (ABMS certification audits.
  2. Anyone who wishes to understand the international practices as per ISO 37001 and master them to implement them in their organization and apply the same in their organization effectively.
  3. All the individuals who are responsible in maintaining the compliance in the organization should go for this training.
  4. Experts who are expertise in the organizations for taking care of the anti-bribery in the organization.

Educational approach:

  • Lecture sessions are illustrated with practical questions and examples
  • Practical exercises include examples and discussions
  • Practice tests are similar to the certification exam
  1. The Trainer illustrates the examples in the training sessions with proper questions and answers.
  2. The exercises done in the classroom are practical and explained with the discussions.
  3. The practice test methodology are similar to the final exam, making sure it acts as a mock exam for final certification exams.


A fundamental understanding of ISO 37001 and comprehensive knowledge of audit principles.